• Video: watch and take notes


    a secret code

    encryption / decryption

    encryption: letters written in a secret code


    to cipher: to scramble and discramble message

    keywords: theory and probability theory

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  • The French and the British wanted to go to Russia so they wanted to cross the Dardanelles to go to the Black sea and the sea of Marmara.

    The French and the British were together.

    The Ottoman Empire was allied with the Germans.

    This took place from 1915 to 1916.

    On the first picture, there is an Australian soldier; He is eating. The soldiers were given biscuits (they were easy to store and cheap)

    a lack of food: un manque (--> une pénurie) de nourriture

    Aegean Sea: Mediterranean sea

    to land: débarquer

    a shore: une côte


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  • a shed

    a target --> to hit a target

    to take off

    To avoid confusion

    between ... and ...

    to take / find shelter

    Zeppelins were very dangerous during WWI. They could go above cities and drop bombs.

    Planes were flyingbellow the Zeppelins so they could be easy targets for the Zeppelins



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  • The beginning of aviation:

    we explained: airplane - reconnaissance - above - battlefield - both sides - to drop - dogfights

    --> If you do not remember these words, please check them on wordreference.com

    MATHS basics:

    X: "times" - a multiplication 

    - : "minus" - a substraction

    + : "plus" - an addition

    / : "divided by" - a division


    The length

    the height

    a diameter

    a radius


    To calculate

    to convert

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